oh, what a day we had at home time

Before and After School Care Plus Awesome Holiday Programmes!

A day at Home Time
  • Child will arrive at 3pm and the attendance roll is called.
  • Staff collect five and six year olds from their classes at 3pm and escort them to the hall. When they turn seven, they develop further independence and make their own way to the hall.
  • Absentees will be checked.
Free play
  • Inside or outside - centre game or independent and depends on the activities at school that day, the weather and what the children enjoy most.
  • Includes sports gear, educational construction sets, creative play resources and full adult interaction.
Afternoon Tea
  • Entrée - fruit platter and drink
  • Fruit - apples, grapes, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, mandarins, oranges, celery, carrots, tomatoes etc.
  • Main course - is prepared each day, is nutritional and enjoyed by the children. It caters for all children's cultural dietary needs.
  • 30 minutes each day to support your child's school learning. All children begin in our reading centre and are then provided with one-on-one time with our team-members to complete as much of their school homework as is possible. Our time is focused on building confidence and success.
  • High-end personal praise is an essential component at homework time.
  • On completion of one-on-one time, each child will receive a token for the end of term special draw.
  • No homework on Friday! it's the weekend and family time!
Activity time
  • Planned activities are age appropriate for either of our two programmes within the centre. i.e. 7's and under programme or 8's and over programme.
  • Activities include art and craft, photography, music, sports, team games, baking.
  • Skills development includes confidence, risk taking, co-ordination, fine motor skills, perseverance and pride.
  • Social skills development includes friendliness, encouragement, team spirit, tolerance, kindness.
Out of Home Time Activity
  • There may be sports activities or music lessons held at the school that you would like your child to attend. Please see the Centre Facilitator to collect the form to authorise your caregiver to collect and return your child.
  • We do not send children on their own as this may compromise their safety. We are unable to take the children as this will compromise our ratio requirements within the centre.
  • You can be comfortable knowing that either your child is at Home Time or Home Time has overseen your designated caregiver sign your child out of the centre for their activity.